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Relational Presence, the capacity to be present with oneself and with others at the same time, is the key to being able to speak with authenticity, intelligence, creativity, and grace in front of a group of any size. It is the key to being able to be even with just one person. I work with one person in one on one coaching as well as in groups called Speaking Circles® to develop both the verbal and nonverbal skills. Workshops offer the remarkable opportunity to improve your speaking skills–to become more confident, more eloquent, more clear-headed in all the speaking situations that you are likely to encounter in your life from giving celebratory toasts to speaking to audiences of all sizes in person to being able to master communication on Zoom and other teleconferencing platforms.

Currently, in person individual sessions and group sessions are not available due to Covid-19. However, Zoom sessions are. We all are being given a golden opportunity to develop our online capacity to connect and communicate. Individual and practice groups (Speaking Circles®) are not only possible but extremely effective virtually. As we are growingly aware, this online capacity is becoming essential now. This is the way of meeting others both personally and in business.

All sessions and events are held remotely on Zoom. Careful protections are always in place. Individual sessions are totally tailored to the needs of the individual and can be any length. Relational Presence workshops with online Speaking Circles®, to provide a group experience, are one to two hours in length, again customized to the goals of the participants. These workshops are experiential and designed to give participants practice in the art of connecting with simultaneously with themselves, others, and the content of what they want to say. In addition to the didactics, each person has turns in a group designed to provide safety and growth. My coaching orientation is in bringing out the signature strengths in each person’s style. Doc Rotella, famous golfing coach, has said that each person has their own strengths and has to learn to play their own game using those strengths. Success is being able to do that.

Please feel free to set up a time to talk about what would be good for you. I am happy to do a phone or Zoom consultation with you to match your goals with what I offer. As soon as it is safe and possible, in person sessions and workshops will be offered again. You can contact me at loisfeldman@gmail.com or text me at 917-660-3501.